Felling or dismantling in sections, trees which are unsafe or unsuitable for their location. 
Making trees safer by removing: dead; damaged; diseased; broken or weakened branches. 
Thinning the crown of the tree to allow more light to filter through the canopy. 
Crown lifting the canopy of the tree, to conform to current height clearances above highways and pavements or to improve light levels or visibility. 
Pruning branches back from: buildings; boundaries; road signs; phone wires; street or outside lights. 
Maintenance of newly planted trees, to ensure that they grow well from their early days. 
Mature tree maintenance - by inspection from the ground or in the tree, bracing the tree if necessary and appropriate pruning or crown renovation. 
Maintenance of broad-leaved or evergreen hedges: trimming; reducing; renovating old hedges or removing them. 
Thinning groups of trees to provide more space for the growth of the better specimens. 
Recognising tree hazards such as: cavities or pockets of decay; fungal or bacterial infection; linear cracking of limbs or scaffold branches and root damage. 
Planting - advice on the species, quantity and size of trees required and their supply and planting. A lot of future problems and expense can be avoided by planting the right tree in the right place. 
Stump grinding and root removal. 
Pruning back or removal of climbers such as ivy, honeysuckle, wisteria and clematis. 
Provide advice on planning regulations and legislation concerning trees and hedges; act as agent with local authority planners, submitting applications and notifications on behalf of customers. 
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