Tree Pruning and Tree Removal 

Garden tree removal 

The selection of the wrong tree for the wrong position can lead to problems, within a few years it can become a big task to maintain. Just a few years more and it's obvious that the tree is now too large for the garden in which it’s been planted. Likewise people can move into properties and find the trees in the gardens are too big for them. 

Reshaping trees 

Sometimes trees and shrubs grow too large, become unevenly shaped, look straggly or perhaps they were just planted too close to a building and need to be pruned. Re-shaping is a routine maintenance task, we carry out this type of work on a regular basis. 

General tree maintenance 

Crown lifting the canopies or safety pruning by removing any: dead; dying; diseased; broken or weakened branches can sometimes be necessary, particularly for larger trees. 
Aerial inspections, on an annual or bi-annual basis, can provide early warnings of hazards or defects which cannot be seen from solely ground based assessments. 

Crown reduction & limb removal 

Tree disease and storm damage 

Unfortunately, like all living things trees get old, become diseased and eventually die. Others can be badly damaged during storms and need to be removed or made safe. I am always happy to give advice on tree disease and removal, where necessary. 

Large shrubs & climbing plants maintenance 

Tall hedges and older shrubs can be a burden to maintain. Householders balanced on a step ladder, trimmers in hand, is a recipe for a bad accident - so why risk a broken arm or worse? With the right equipment, knowledge and skill it is just a routine task for us. We also trim / remove climbing plants such as ivy, clematis, honeysuckle or wisteria from trees and buildings. 

Hedge Trimming and Reductions 

Stump Removal 

The stumps of trees and large shrubs, if allowed to remain, can become infection sites for fungal diseases such a Honey Fungus; which can spread to other trees and plants within the garden. 
Some tree species can sprout from a cut stump or from surface roots near the stump: the removal of the stump and surface roots prevents this regrowth from happening. 
The removal of stumps isn’t easy, even the small ones which can be dug out by hand or larger ones that can be winched out of the ground. A stump grinder is the quick and satisfactory way of removing stumps, even from areas where access is awkward or the stump itself is located within a confined space; without causing unnecessary damage or disturbance to the area around the stump being removed. 
The removal of stumps in this way, allows for replanting to occur in the exact position previously occupied by the tree or shrub. 
I'm always happy to give advice on tree care and maintenance. For a free quotation, you can contact me at  
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